Organic Soy Milk Powder
Organic Soy Milk Powder

Organic Soy Milk Powder

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Certified Organic. Easy to absorbed the nutrients in the soybeans 

Ingredients: Certified organic soymilk powder
** Organic soymilk powder is a spray-dried powder, made of "peeled off" organic soybeans which give a smooth texture. All micro and phyto-nutrients naturally occurring in the soybeans are retained and easily absorbed. 
Product features:
1. non GMO
2. no flavorings
3. no added additives
4. no artificial colorings
5. no preservatives
6. no antibiotics, residues, growth promoters
7. cholesterol free, beneficial to the heart
8. high fiber content that can help for digestion
9. Rich in isoflavone that is good for menopause
10.Rich in calcium that can help for the growth of bone 

1. improve constipation and poor digestion
2. improve cholesterol level 
3. improve symptoms of menopause
4. strengthen the bone
Suitable for:

Children and youth, lactose intolerant, people of poor bone mass density, menopause, vegetarians, people of poor digestion and constipation, people of high blood cholesterol
* Partially coagulated powder due to its physical nature is normal
Suggested directions:

Add 3 scoops (25g) of organic soymilk powder with 200ml of cold or warm water, stir well before serving. Serving size may very depends on individual preference
Recommended serving: 1-2 glasses a day

puddings, desserts, ice-cream, soya yogurts, nutritional supplements